BEAUTY VAULT Premium Rejuvenating Set

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BEAUTY VAULT Rejuvenating Set GLASS SKIN ESSENTIALS Inclusions of the set: Kojic Soap Rejuvenating Toner Rejuvenating Cream Tinted Sunblock with SPF 45

BENEFITS Kojic Soap:

- Whitens and moisturize the skin
- Removes dead skin
- Lightens dark spots
- Anti Aging/Skin firming Tinted Sunblock:
- Sun protection of SPF 45
- Added whitening and moisturizing
- One shade that blends in all skin complexion
- Instant foundation
- you can use as make up primer Rejuvenating Cream
- Skin whitening/rejuvenating
- Removes and lightens skin blemishes Rejuvenating Toner
- Dries up acne and pimples
- Removes blemishes and dark spots
- Removes dead skin - Rejuvenates the skin

Beauty Vault Premium Rejuvenating Set brings you an all in one rejuvenating facial set carefully formulated and tested to help you achieve that younger, fairer and blemish-free skin you’ve been dreaming of. Experience an all new you that everyone will rave about with Beauty Vault Premium Rejuvenating Set.


* Do not rub or massage the cotton with the toner just tap gently on skin. *Peeling usually starts 3-4 days (Peeling occurs depends with skin type) * Apply only small amount of creams * Do not use other skin care products on peeling process * Avoid from Sun exposure while on this process. * Make sure to use sunblock during the day.

beauty vault rejuvenating set antiacne
Beauty Vault Rejuvenating Glass Skin Essentials
BEAUTY VAULT Premium Rejuvenating Set
beauty vault premium rejuvenating cream
BEAUTY VAULT Premium Rejuvenating Set
BEAUTY VAULT Premium Rejuvenating Set