The Daily Glow

The Daily Glow's Watermelon Series, 
🍉 Watermelon Serum Soap | 135g
- An all-in-one Watermelon Serum Soap! Enriched with 100% natural Watermelon Extract that helps in hydrating skin combined with Tea Tree Oil, that soothes and treats acne/pimple plus the power of Niacinamide to lighten hyperpigmentation!
🍉 Watermelon Glow |  100 ml
- An Aqua Moisturizer that is infused with Hyaluronic Acid that gives you plumped face and leaves your skin hydrated. Formulated with Watermelon Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Jeju Aloe, and Witch Hazel Extract! It gives you that natural pink blush too!
🍉 Watermelon Lip Oil |  5ml
- A care and color lip oil infused with Watermelon Seed Extract and Vitamin E that gives you healthy looking lips and and leaves a natural stain overtime.

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