2 Apollo SEBO DE MACHO Skin Moisturizer Scar Remover 25g each

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Apollo Sebo De Macho is an ointment cream that you apply to your skin to prevent new wounds from becoming scars. 

Sebo De Macho is an ointment cream for all types of wounds like bruises, abrasions, contusions, grazes or any type of wound in which the top most layer of your skin is scraped off. It is made from pure mutton's tallow, which can help fade scars while also keeping your skin moisturized at the same time.

Benefits of Sebo De Macho:

- Effective in removing fresh scars Can be used as a base for moisturizers and face foundation Features & details 

- Scar Removal: Sebo De Macho 25g is known for its effectiveness in removing fresh scars, making it an ideal solution for individuals looking to fade scars and achieve smoother skin.

- Base for Moisturizers: Sebo De Macho ointment cream can be used as a base for moisturizers, providing nourishment and hydration to the skin while reducing the appearance of scars.

- Base for Face Foundation: Sebo De Macho 25g can also serve as a base for face foundation, allowing for smoother application and helping conceal scars for a flawless makeup look.

- Convenient Size: With a generous size of 25 grams, this product offers ample quantity for regular use and ensures long-lasting scar treatment.

- Prevents Scarring: By applying Sebo De Macho 25g on new wounds, it helps prevent forming, promoting faster healing a the likelihood of permanent marks.

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Apollo Sebo De Macho Ointment Cream 25g
Apollo Sebo De Macho Ointment Cream 25g