2 Pack Nekothione Glutathione & NekoCee By Kath Melendez

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Nekothione 9 IN 1 By Kath Melendez, 60 Capsules.
NEKO by Kat Melendez đź’™
Nekothione 9 in 1

includes: 2 bottles Nekothione Gluta & 2 sachets (30count) Nekocee


Kat Melendez 9-in-1 Nekothione- Experience and feel the brightening, anti-aging, and moisture boost in every pill!

What is the best way to take Nekothione?
It is best taken before eating or with an unfilled stomach, in a request for the body to retain the glutathione in quickly. You can take it before eating supper.  In any case, Nevertheless, it very well may be taken in whenever of the day. 30 minutes before a meal. 1-2 capsules per day

Disclaimer: Nekothione and Nekocee are  generally safe to intake, for up to 14 years old and above. However, for pregnant and breastfeeding women, we advise that you consult your doctor prior to intake.

Ingredients: Collagen Peptide, L-glutathione (free form), L-cystine, Curcumin, Centellian Asiatica, Carotenoid, Beta Glucan, Vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid


How to take:

- Nekothione: 1-2capsules a day

(1 sa morning before breakfast, 1 before bedtime)

- Nekocee: 1capsule a day only before bedtime

(dahil may melatonin - nakakaantok)


Made in Japan

Nekothione 500mg , 60 capsules & Nekocee 500mg, 30 capsules 



Manufactured by an ISO facility. 

2 Pack Nekothione Glutathione & NekoCee By Kath Melendez
Nekothione & Nekocee by Kath Melendez Powerful whitening and antiaging Combo
Kat Melendez Nekothione whitening antiaging
Kat Melendez Nekothione
Nekothione 9 in 1 Whitening, antiaging and moisture boost effect capsules
2 Pack Nekothione Glutathione & NekoCee By Kath Melendez
Nekocee-15in1-Rosy-glow-Kath-Melendez best Nekothione partner
Nekothione & Nekocee by Kath Melendez made in Japan Skin whitening moisture and rosy glow booster