Dear Face Premium Japanese Banana & Sweet Mango Beauty Milk - 40 Sachets

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Dear Face Premium Japanese Banana & Sweet Mango Beauty Milk - 40 Sachets

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20 sachets of each flavor- EXPIRES FEB 2025

Dear Face Beauty Milk Premium Japanese Sweet Mango, the ultimate immune-boosting hero! This milky and tasty mango drink not only satisfies your taste buds but also offers incredible benefits for your mind, body, and skin.

Dear Face Beauty Milk is packed with a blend of powerful antioxidants like guava, goji berry, acai berry, grapeseed, avocado, and rosehip extract. These ingredients work wonders in promoting overall wellness and vitality by helping the body to regenerate cells and fight against harmful compounds known as free radicals and oxidative stress.

Beauty Milk Premium Japanese Banana Probiotic + Collagen Drink

Say hello to Beauty Milk Banana - a premium probiotic drink that supports belly balance, gut health, and overall wellness. Composed of 10 billion colony- Forming units of lactobacillus or "good bacteria" that promotes regular digestion, eases feelings of bloat, and supports well-being from the inside and out! Concocted with the most effective and highest grade of collagen that is known to support cell regeneration, resulting in healthy and glowing skin! Enjoy a tasteful and healthier probiotic drink in every sip!

Healthier gut, glowing skin, and overall healthier inner wellness in a yummy Banana Beauty milk! 

How to use: In a glass of cold or hot water, mix 1 sachet of Beauty Milk, stir thoroughly. Take once a day for 1 month straight for best results.