Milcu 2-in-1 Underarm & Foot Deodorant Powder, 80g

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Milcu 2-In-One Underarm & Foot Deodorant Powder


Original Milcu

The Original Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant powder is made up of an active ingredient called Potash Alum that helps nourish the skin. It does not clog your pores since our products are all chemical and fragrance free.



Odor protection

Milcu's underarm odor protection envelops you in a cocoon of soft, powdery and unscented neutral notes. It provides light, yet complete coverage without the sticky feeling. With 0 percent alcohol, it is completely safe on skin and is dermatologist tested.



Long Lasting

It has superior sweat and odor protection that lasts up to 48 hours. Whether you're scaling a mountain, running for the bus or train, presenting to your boss or going for your first job interview, you can be confident of the best protection.



About Milcu:

In 1958, Milcu was founded by Milagros Cusi with a mission: to help millions of people eliminate body odor naturally and effectively. For over 50 years, Milcu has been proven and tested by its consumers to be the best All-Natural deodorant. Milcu is the pioneer maker of Tawas crystal deodorant powder in the Philippines.

This deodorant helps people to prevent odor-causing germs, make them comfortable and more confident of themselves. Having two uses, for underarm and for foot; this is a deodorant proven very effective.


Milcu2-In-One Works as Foot Deodorant


Milcu 2-In-One Works as Foot Deodorant powder is a deodorant powder made from all-natural ingredients which help eliminate the smell around your armpit, foot area effectively and reduce dark spots around the underarm area as well as whiten armpit skin. Non-sticky texture and no cause smudge to your clothes. It is completely safe and non-irritate



Say Goodbye to Smelly Feet the Natural Way!


  • Helps remove foot odor
  • Reduces foot sweat
  • Helps treat Athletes Foot
  • No more smelly shoes - in running, gym, tennis, dance, sneakers & shoes.
  • Keeps your feet dry, even when working out or running

123Let Your Feet Be Fresh!

Whether you're exercising or just suffer from embarrassing, smelly feet in general, our natural foot powder can help you!