Glutanex G-Tamin® Advanced 30 Day Supply

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Glutanex G-Tamin® Advanced 30 Day Supply
- 30 bottles

Revitalize your skin and fight fatigue, featuring high-purity glutathione and a potent blend of multi-vitamins. Designed to support overall wellness and boost energy levels. G-Tamin is the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle.


G-Tamin® Advanced packs a powerful punch with 150mg of high-potency (50% purity) L-glutathione yeast extract in just one bottle and contains a balanced mix of essential vitamins, including Vitamin C, B1, B3, B6, and Zinc, which all meet the recommended daily intake. Taurine, a powerful fatigue recovery ingredient, also promotes overall health and vitality.



Vitamin C- Required for the formation and maintenance of connective tissue, such as skin and gums. Also needed to help absorb glutathione and protect cells from active oxygen.
Vitamin B1 – Necessary for energy metabolism and nerve and muscle activity.
Vitamin B3- Required for energy metabolism, production of neurotransmitters, and maintenance of moisture in the skin.
Vitamin B6 -Necessary for using protein and amino acids for energy.
Zinc – Required for skeletal tissue formation and immune function.
Taurine- Helps activate blood circulation and metabolism, which can help inhibit fatigue. Also a typical fatigue recovery substance.

Tear off seal, take out two tablets, and turn the top cap to take the liquid along with the two tablets. Consume 1 bottle (liquid and tablet) per day according to your preference.

Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Consume immediately after opening the product.


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Glutanex G-Tamin® Advanced 30 Day Supply
Glutanex G-Tamin® Advanced 30 Day Supply
Glutanex G-Tamin® Advanced 30 Day Supply